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Sandeep began his climbing career in the Pacific Northwest, and is always seeking new challenges. He has climbed extensively in the Cascades, stood atop the five volcanos of Washington, and navigated several technical routes such as Liberty Ridge on Rainier and North Ridge on Baker. Sandeep is an avid rock climber and enjoys hard sport climbs as well as challenging multi-pitch alpine routes like N. Ridge of Mt Stuart. Driven by a passion for adventure and new cultural experiences, Sandeep leads expeditions in the India, Nepal, and Kilimanjaro.

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  • Glen Young has an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the proper physical, mental and dietary training required to successfully prepare for Denali or any serious mountain. He has a great focus on this training and is invested in making sure he gives you the resources to succeed in your climbing goals - whether you require additional technical skills or simply physical conditioning

    Jeff Crow
  • I had a great experience taking the Denali Prep Course with our instructor Glen. The course was very thorough and Glen did a great job of teaching us complex systems in a simple way while sharing a wealth of real world mountaineering experience. We covered everything from how to tie your boot laces so they won't freeze to a comprehensive review of the recommended Denali climbing itinerary. Glen was amazingly hospitable and was very flexible in tailoring the class to work well with our location and current weather conditions. All together it was a fantastic experience that I would highly recommend and I feel much more prepared for the challenges that Denali will present.

    Steven Waller
  • Glen was a true professional and provided a totally personalized experience. Glen's teaching style allowed each of us to walk away with significantly improved mountaineering knowledge and skills. A good example on the trip happened when I soaked my boots. Glen didn't miss a beat and used it as a learning experience for the group on how to balance tasks when one person has a temporary handicap. The training was delivered in such a positive, customized, and professional way that learning came easy. By the end of the training, we felt stronger, more capable, and equipped to challenge Denali. Thanks, Glen!

    Ethan McKinley
  • The alpine skills courses are my gateway into the mountains. Alpine guide Glen Young takes complex mountaineering skills and turns them into second nature allowing me to feel safe and prepared in the high mountains! Thanks again for all your knowledge!

    Jimmie Myers
  • Climbed Kilimanjaro with Miyar a few months ago. It was an awesome trip. Everything was very well organized, and we didn't have to worry about a single thing. In fact Sandeep went out of his way to make things go smoothly. He was available months in advance to provide/discuss trip details and answer any questions that we had. He was also very flexible about the trip plan. And finally, he was willi...ng to organize training hikes for us as well, although that didn't work out due to the conflicting schedules of the group members. He made sure that all the group members met and got to know each other beforehand, which I think was really helpful. The trip itself (climb, safari, the group I went with) was one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences of my life.

    Akshay Kulkarni
  • I joined Sandeep on a climb to the highest free-standing mountain in the world - Kilimanjaro in Africa not quite knowing what that meant or what was involved and gained more than what I could have ever imagined. It was a rather long climb and the last day was very tiresome for me. Sandeep continued to encourage me when I was tired and truly exhausted and felt like I could not move an inch. Thanks to that, I did end up summiting and got safely back down to basecamp. I truly appreciated how the climb was coordinated by Sandeep with the guides and porters and it was really pain free for the clients with great food and all conveniences one can expect on a mountain. The pre-planning and gear check sessions all helped me immensely and thought the price was by far the best I had observed for the services provided.

    After having been part of climbs with other leaders, I think Sandeep's climbs are very accommodative to a wide set of climbers with varied skill set and preferences. I highly recommend his climbs and would definitely join on future climbs to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

  • Kilimanjaro was my first mountain excursion outside of the US. I was equally excited and nervous. Sandeep and Miyar Adventures set up the most phenomenal trip I could have imagined! The plan fell perfectly into place upon arrival: hotels were lovely, food was delicious and the mountain guides were marvelous. Sandeep left nothing out when coordinating all of this. He was also available for the months prior to the departure to meet and make sure we had the correct flight plans, gear and clothing, vaccinations, passports, visas and any thing else we might need. Lastly, Sandeep set up local hiking treks prior to our big trip to ensure that we are all physically ready for the trip and so that we may meet one another before the big climb. I know this is a long review, but I wish I could write even more! I felt so comfortable in the hands of Sandeep and Miyar Adventures the entire time! There is nothing that could have gone better and I will certainly be booking another trip with this company soon!

    Danielle Stadler
  • I took the Intro To Outdoor Rock Climbing Course August 24th and had a great time! The instruction given by Sandeep Nain was well organized and detailed. Our infield curriculum included review and practical applications of climbing gear, climbing knots, climbing commands, belay techniques, climbing ethics and of course safety, which Sandeep emphasized throughout this one day course. Our group then had the opportunity to do 5+ top rope climbs on routes varying in difficulty, great work out! On top of meeting some great people we finished the day with a dip in the river! You can't beat that! I highly recommend this course.

    Thomas Conway
  • I took intro to Mountaineering course by Sandeep. It was great trip. I learnt some mountaineering/backpacking skills. The hike up and the campsite had amazing views. On Friday, Sandeep did a informative mountaineering presentation and checked the gear. He let us borrow some missing gear like iceaxe, sleeping bag, puffy jackets, helmet, rope, etc. On the mountain he taught us safe glissading, self arrest, knots, side walking, walking with rope, safety and other important skills. Overall I had heck of a weekend, got to meet cool people and got a mountaineering bug which is already itching me to hike up camp muir and Mt. Adams :)

    Amar Tamersi
  • I had done some rock climbing 20 years back but did not have confidence of getting onto the rock again. I did not like the climbing walls in the gym with their big rounded holds which almost feel slippery. I had almost given up on climbing when I found about Sandeep's Intro to Rock Climbing Course. Knowing about his Rainier climb leader role, I knew it will be a great learning experience. I did the course on Sept 7th. Starting with the basics, Sandeep made it so easy that in a short time we were not only ready to try harder routes but were also ready to belay the fellow climbers under his guidance. Even though we were climbing in a pretty safe environment, he made sure that we follow the safety measures and wanted us to make it a habit. He says all of us are ready to pass the belayer certificate test at the local gym. I better attempt that before I forget the basics :).

    Jyoti Gawade
  • I had a really wonderful experience with Sandeep during his Intro to Mountaineering class. First off, he was very flexible and receptive to what the people taking the class wanted to get out of the experience. For example, he gave us the option of choosing between two different locations, based on whether we wanted to spend more time hiking or more time learning new skills, and he regularly checked in with us to assess whether we were understanding and interested in everything he was teaching us. He was extremely patient and happy to answer any question we might have for him about mountaineering or any other outdoor activity. He has an impressive amount of experience, which made me feel not only safe but also like I could learn a lot from him. I also appreciated Sandeep’s personal touch of inviting us into his home before the trip and hearing all his stories of past outdoor adventures. It was clear he has a real passion for what he’s doing.

    Lexie Carr
  • I did the intro to Mountaineering course and got so much more out of it than I expected. I figured that we would just learn some basic skills and techniques, but our instructor Sandeep really went the extra mile. Beyond the lessons of ice ax arrests and general snow climbing, I learned a ton about mountaineering culture and ethics which really helped me feel comfortable climbing alongside the professionals. By the end I felt very confident in my new ability and couldn't wait to get out again. Seriously, I could not wait. The next weekend I rented gear from Miyar Adventures and was able to climb Mt. Adams on my own! I can't wait for more adventures!

    Richard Buzard